Digital Television Analysis
Historical Information

Apogee Data Consulting has provided geo-spatial analysis to the broadcasting industry since it's formation in 2004. We have worked with many of the major UK broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Freeview and Sky. Throughout the Digital Switchover we were supplying postcode analysis on areas undergoing switchover, identifying which multiplexes (and hence which channels) were available prior to, during and post-switchover. This information was invaluable to companies marketing their digital television equipment to households.

Apogee has a good understanding of the terrestrial television network in the UK, providing maps of coverage from different transmitter groups. This links to the work we carry out on regional television received over satellite to ensure that households receive the correct region through their satellite box.


More recently Apogee has worked on projects associated with Local Television by providing household counts by postcode to calculate the potential population covered by an individual project.

Apogee still has strong links to the broadcasting industry and continues to work with one of the largest broadcasters in the UK. If you are in the television industry and require analysis on coverage please contact us to find out more.