October 2016
Louise Kavanagh achieved Technical Certification in MapInfo from Pitney Bowes.


July 2015
Apogee Data Consulting online blog creates, find out all the latest news as it happens.


May 2015
Web-site updated with new Pitney Bowes and Ordnance Surveybranding.


September 2013
View all of Pitney Bowes Software Solutions via Apogee's web-site. New syndicated pages added to the Apogee web-site providing the latest news and information on Pitney Bowes products. Click here for more information.


June 2013
Apogee is a partner of Pitney Bowes Software and is an authorised reseller of their products.


May 2013
Apogee has achieved Stratus Certification enabling us to provide web-mapping solutions using Pitney Bowes MapInfo Stratus.