Other Data Sources
Map Mechanics
allmapdata*, the digital data store from MapMechanics offers a comprehensive catalogue of GIS data products ranging from UK business data to boundary data for Brazil. Many suppliers are available and data is provided in all major database, GIS and logistics software formats, with a choice of licence types to reflect your business requirement.

With over 25 years of experience, MapMechanics is a leading provider of digital map data around the world. MapMechanics’ data helps businesses to find new opportunities, identify areas for expansion and improve overall business efficiency. Clients include bottled gas delivery, carpet manufacture, field service engineers, home delivery, retail, supermarkets, utilities and more.

Apogee Data Consulting is a reseller of MapMechanics data, if they have a dataset you are interested in please contact Apogee to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. We can add-value to these datasets by combining them with your own company's information or other datasets such as PAF or OS OpenData.

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Pitney Bowes
Visit our Pitney Bowes Software Solution Showcase Pitney Bowes has a range of US and Canadian datasets available to purchase. Ranging from Business Data to Administrative Boundaries and World Data. As a partner of Pitney Bowes Apogee can resell data available from them. Please click on the logo to the left for more information or contact us to discuss the options available.