PAF Postcodes
Product Information
A new version of PAF is released every month. If you have customers then you have postcode data. By receiving regular updates of postcodes you can cross-check your customer database to ensure that it is always up to date.

Lists of postcodes are available:
  • Annually
  • Bi-annually
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
This data set has no licence fee therefore the data costs given below are all that you pay.

To place an order or obtain a quote from Apogee for any combination of data please contact us.
  • Data Costs
  • Licence Fees
  • Examples

The table below shows the cost of the data per annum:

Frequency No. Per Year Annual Cost
Annual 1 £95 +VAT
Bi-Annual 2 £135 +VAT
Quarterly 4 £225 +VAT
Monthly 12 £345 +VAT

There is no licence fee for postcode lists when supplied without any other PAF information.

Example 1

A company requires a monthly supply of postcodes.
    Data Costs = £95 +VAT
    Licence Fees = £0 +VAT
    Total Cost = £95 +VAT

This company would receive a list of postcodes every month.