Street Level PAF
Product Information
Street Level PAF has one record per postcode to provide a stripped down address. Fields included in the dataset are:
  • Postcode
  • Thoroughfare Name
  • Thoroughfare Descriptor (e.g. Road, Avenue)
  • Dependent Thoroughfare Name
  • Dependent Thoroughfare Descriptor (e.g. Gardens, Court)
  • Dependent Locality
  • Double Dependent Locality
  • PO Box
  • Former Postal County
  • Traditional County
  • Administrative County

The data is supplied as a comma separated text file as default; if a different file format is required please contact us to discuss other options that may be available. Please email us to receive a sample of this dataset. (Terms and Conditions of use are applicable to this dataset.)

This dataset can also be combined with Ordnance Survey Code-Point Open data to provide all the above information plus a grid reference, for all postcodes in Great Britain. Click here for more details. Please note that this dataset does not include Northern Ireland addresses.

Product Prices

Prices start from as little as £325 +VAT for a single user license. The cost of the data is made up of two elements; the data cost and the license fee. The tabbed section below provides the details with examples. To obtain a quote from Apogee for any combination of data please contact us.

  • Data Costs
  • Licence Fees
  • Examples

The table below shows the cost of the data per annum:

Frequency No. Per Year Annual Cost
Annual 1 £295 +VAT
Bi-Annual 2 £450 +VAT
Quarterly 4 £750 +VAT
Monthly 12 £1,150 +VAT

In addition to the data costs a royalty will be due to Royal Mail; this is dependent on the number of users and whether they are internal (within your organisation) or external (accessing the data from outside your organisation, i.e. over the internet).

Street Level PAF is considered Part PAF.

Internal Use:
  • Single user license is £30 +VAT per annum
  • Multi-user (up to 300 users) license is £1,110 +VAT per annum
  • Unlimited multi-user is £3,330 +VAT per annum
  • 100 transactions - look-up solutions £1 +VAT per annum

External Use:
  • 100 transactions - look-up solutions £1 +VAT per annum
Example 1

A company requires a single user licence for an annual supply of Street Level PAF.
    Data Costs = £295 +VAT
    Licence Fees = £30 +VAT
    Total Cost = £325 +VAT

This company would receive one version of Street Level PAF per year and is licensed to hold that data on a single terminal.

Example 2

A company requires a multi-user licence for a monthly supply of Street Level PAF.

    Data Costs = £1,150 +VAT
    Licence Fees = £1,110 +VAT
    Total Cost = £2,260 +VAT

This company would receive Street Level PAF every month once the PAF data has been processed in-house and is licensed for up to 300 users.