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2024 General Election

Below is an image generated in MapInfo Pro which tracks "where" and "when" the three main party leaders campaigned since the election was announced. The geography of a campaign is always fascinating.  This map not only shows the "where" but the "when" using the temporal mapping feature in MapInfo Pro.

The data used in the map is from a variety of sources and is intended as a representation of the movement of the campaigns. The dates of each location has been identified by thorough research though this information was not easily available and therefore in some instances may not be 100% accurate. However, it is an interesting way to look at the geography over time as well as place.


Geographical analysis of the 2024 General Election results alongside the geography of the campaign can provide insight into how successful the campaign was. Not surprisingly the most successful campaigns were run by Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The map below shows the dominance of their success over the Conservatives.


Overall Labour won 55 out of 57 seats visited by Keir Starmer, of the two not won one was held onto by the Greens and the other was won from the Conservatives by Plaid Cymru. The Liberal Democrats won 44 out of the 49 seats visited by Ed Davey, of those that were lost 2 were Labour holds and 2 were Conservative holds, the fifth was a Labour gain from the SNP. The Conservatives won just 12 out of the 56 seats visited by Rishi Sunak, all of which were seats previously held by them.


Interestingly there were no seats visited by all three leaders in the General Election Campaign. 8 Conservative seats were visited by both Sunak and Davey with the Liberal Democrats taking 7 of them and the Conservatives holding one. 12 seats were visited by both Sunak and Starmer, 10 of these were Labour gains from the Conservatives and 2 were Labour holds.


In Scotland Labour won all four seats visited by Starmer from the SNP and the Liberal Democrats won three out of four visited by Ed Davey also from the SNP. The Conservatives failed to win any of the seats that Rishi Sunak visited in Scotland.

For more information about temporal mapping and how it can provide valuable insight into your business please contact us.

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