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Apogee's services fall into three broad categories: GEO-SPATIAL ANALYSIS, WEB-GIS and DATA.  

The Geo-Spatial Analysis service uses MapInfo to provide GIS solutions to clients who do not have the expertise in house to analyse the location aspect of their data.  Projects can bee very varied and are bespoke to each individual client.

Web-GIS is the ability to analyse location data over the internet.  Aimed at non-GIS users Apogee can set-up an instance of GIS which fits an individual company's needs.  It enables a number of users in different locations to review and query data without the need for expert GIS knowledge and also preventing duplication of effort.

Data is another category of service which Apogee can provide to other companies.  This may be simply sourcing the correct dataset for a company to use or it could mean manipulating and adding value to a company's data in order for them to make better use of the information they have.

GIS (Geographical Information System) is the tool required for geo-spatial analysis.  It provides the ability to visualise your data in relation to other features offering insight into your business.  Click here for more information.

Web-GIS enables a user to do geographical analysis without the need for expert GIS knowledge.  Ideal for business users data can be analysed any time any where.  Click here for more information.

Apogee can source data for a company from a third party such as Ordnance Survey or Royal Mail or add value to a company's own data by combining data through data management.  Click here for more information.

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