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Web-GIS enables a user to do geographical analysis without the need for expert GIS knowledge.  Ideal for business users data can be analysed any time any where.  Solutions often provided by SaaS (Software as a Service) there is no requirement for complicated software installation.

Data and/or analysis can easily be shared between colleagues reducing unnecessary duplication of work.  Just share the analysis via a web-link for them to see,  Similarly clients can see the analysis you have carried out for them.

Perfect for Front Line Decision Makers, access your data and maps wherever you are via a tablet or phone version.

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Location Intelligence - power for Business Users

MapIdea is an innovative company who have developed a Web-GIS aimed at business users who don't have expert GIS knowledge.

Their platform is able to import a number of data formats including MapInfo TAB files, ESRI data and Microsoft Excel, making it a flexible tool for use in any business.

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