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Apogee Data Consulting formed in 2004 following the restructuring of a major broadcasting corporation, this generated a niche service requirement in the market for mapping and analysis surrounding the implementation of Digital Television broadcasting. The company evolved from this niche and identified the need for specialist geo-spatial analysis within the broadcasting industry and has been involved in a number of projects that have enabled the broadcasters to improve efficiencies and to identify potential customers for the services. Apogee has worked with companies from the major Public Service Broadcaster to specialist independent marketing companies.

Louise Kavanagh

Managing Director and Senior GIS Consultant, Louise Kavanagh, graduated from Newcastle University in Surveying and Mapping Science; providing her with a solid grounding in all aspects of surveying including GIS. After enjoying a challenging start in the surveying industry including work on a number of the royal palaces a move was made into the oil and gas exploration sector. “Although I enjoyed the experience and the international exposure of this role my focus was drawn to developments in, and the increasing value of geo-spatial data analysis leading me to undertake professional development through an MSc in Geographic Information Science at University College London.” This built an understanding of all aspects of GIS; from geo-spatial data collection through analysis to presentation. Working for a period in the public sector through a leading London College was followed by using GIS within the Broadcast Industry; from which the exciting opportunity to start what was to become Apogee Data Consulting arose. This history across both public and private sector drives continuous development in order to best assist clients in making better use of their GIS and data to improve the services they provide.

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