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Ordnance Survey

OS is Britain's mapping agency. As well as making the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country, it is also a digital business. Together with it's partners it provides content helping governments, companies and individuals to be more effective both here and around the world.  Our flexibility in data availability, price and delivery make Apogee an excellent choice for your data supplier.

Ordnance Survey Data available to purchase from Apogee

The products that Apogee is licensed to resell include the following. The data can be purchased in it's raw format or processed for use straight into a GIS. The delivery method, format and frequency of updates can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. For more information please contact Apogee.

  • Code-Point

    • The complete Code-Point product contains all the fields and Northern Ireland postcodes which are not available through OpenData* .

  • Code-Point with Polygons

  • Raster Data

    • 1:10,000

    • 1:25,000

    • 1:50,000

Ordnance Survey Open Data

Freely view and download Ordnance Survey data for both personal and commercial applications. OpenData can be used with other open datasets available, to enhance data you already have or to create new innovative applications. Datasets available include:

  • MiniScale®

  • Boundary-Line™

  • OS StreetView®

For more information please take a look at the official OS web-site for OpenData*

*This website is not under the control of Apogee Data Consulting and therefore can not be held responsible for its content.

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