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Location Intelligence - power for Business Users

Everything that matters for your business happens somewhere.


In a data-driven world, geography is a core dimension to understand the competitive landscape, generate powerful insights and make better decisions.


However, most business users do not have direct access to geospatial data.


Traditional GIS solutions are expensive, complex and made for experts, not regular business users. This prevents the widespread use of Location Intelligence as a competitive advantage.

Mapidea is a self-service Enterprise Location Intelligence SaaS built around the power of simplicity and speed, providing all organisation's business users with a single tool to easily access and analyse geospatial data using GeoMarketing and Location Analytics.

Our platform transforms businesses by democratizing the access of Marketing, Sales, Management, Retail, Wholesale, Operations and Engineering teams to the power of Location Intelligence.

Click here to see videos of how Location Analytics works.

But don’t take our word for it. Contact us for a personalised live demo.


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